It excels in terms of play…


Let's go to today's models:

# Somewhere here ends the suffering of Gladbach will look for the goal of the price… 18 consecutive victories regardless of the event City records 526 minutes with zero liabilities in the UcL we do not need to widen it.

# With no home win in the group, Atalanta plays on all boards, gives the maximum to the field favorite against every opponent, Real M. has the special weight in order to reach the desired.

# Rodeo the match Larissa - Lamia or otherwise the abuse of football… common denominator of the teams the salvation ceiling the 2-3 goals will be found again in the playoffs.

# Tottenham achieved a qualifying score in the first match in Austria (4-1) and on the cover they lost to West Ham, continuing their poor performances in the PL… everything has been judged for Wolfsberger's leisure trip or rematch in London.

# Tight back and forth, Heerenveen brings under in the last 4/5; closer to the three-pointer, Feyenoord excels in scoring in the first year and consequently sees 3rd place in the table.

# Final stay of the match Nimes - Lorient within the red zone the teams at 2 points the difference… properly matched the set is expected to fall bodies.


Atalanta - Real M.
Heerenveen - Feyenoord



Glandbach - Man City
Tottenham - Wolfsberger
Larisa - Lamia
Nimes - Lorient

over 1.5
over 1.5
TG 2-3
during 2.5