High flights ...

Panathinaikos continues to drive its fans crazy, not stopping the "high flights" nor against Panionios and getting his sixth win in seven games overturning any prognosis before the season begins.

The Greens struggled and needed a long-range goal to pay off the Cyanide's resistance, but nevertheless showed once again a working team that "fed" the world to OAKA with the football it played. Of course, the biggest share of this year's crazy course is credited to George Donis who is no exaggeration to say he has been delivering ... coaching classes since the beginning of the season.

The thing that shows the awesome work of the Greek technician is that he has a team full of kids who are guiding them perfectly. It's no coincidence that Panathinaikos has struggled with a multitude of different formations in this year's match, and while many expected this to be a… top-down team, the training “stamp” is evident in every game, making it literally top-end. down only the opposing coaches. Today, Donis chose pure 4-4-2, with the team rolling effectively, despite struggling for the first time this year with the formation.

The choice of the Greens administration to support the team the next day on George Donis, who he patiently waited for and waited for the deal to close in the summer, has proved to be quite successful. Panathinaikos is getting healthier in the grass and in the locker rooms, with the goal of leaving Europe as a realistic prospect. Do not forget that Clover wants to get the European ticket as quickly as possible to deflect the penalty imposed by UEFA.

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