Doni's babies paint ... (FUND - 5,55)


Let's go to Saturday's top picks:

Panathinaikos - PAS Ioannina with bet return *, enhanced performance and live alerts.

# Below average, Rapid's recent behavior in 6 matches has only celebrated 1 times but he plays with over delivery ... undefeated underdogs Poulten pops in outside scoring innumerable times (2 series x-8 win x0).

# High in the standings, Granada scores quality mid-offensive runs 6 unbeaten match - a record for the class data - scores a decent tempo ... the analogous situation in Cordoba has reached a bottom.

# Realistically heavier roster Juventus has the upper hand counting 7 wins in this year's official number of matches ... in a timed counter Napoli has posted turnovers running 3 wins in the last 4.

# Against power and prognosis Panathinaikos painting Doni's babies, started with the absolute 4 / 4 the season gets healthier on the field ... just as competitive team PAS wins 3 continuously won't fall unharmed.

# In freefall, OFI has definitely completed the 6 match series without a win in all competitions ... it is worth the AEK double moves to 1.80 odds making it difficult to make 3 a lethal hit.

# Just Los Angeles with 9 / 10 over inside changed coach won after 6 racing chases entry ... odd train Vancouver up and down turns has goals to score.


Granada - Cordoba
Panathinaikos - AFTER Giannina
OFI Crete - AEK Athens



Rapid W. - St. Poelten
Juventus - Naples
LA Galaxy - Vancouver

goal / goal
over 2,5